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We fight to protect our clients’ interests in various Civil Litigation matters

Serving the people of Washington, D.C. since 2006

  • Law Offices of Leonard B. Ference
  • Law Offices of Leonard B. Ference
  • Law Offices of Leonard B. Ference
  • Law Offices of Leonard B. Ference
  • Law Offices of Leonard B. Ference

Determined Washington, D.C. Attorney Protects Your Rights

Dedicated representation for personal injury, labor, and civil rights issues in the D.C. metro area

If your life is suddenly impacted by a car accident or work dispute, an attorney can steer you toward a favorable resolution. At the Law Offices of Leonard B. Ference in Washington, D.C., we have represented D.C. residents in personal injury, civil rights, and labor matters since 2006. Whether negotiating a personal injury settlement or filing a workplace discrimination claim, we provide you with strategic counsel on how to move forward.

Responsive injury, labor and civil rights guidance for clients

Our firm has a reputation for providing passionate representation to clients throughout the greater D.C. area in a variety of practice areas:

  • Personal injury — An auto crash or medical malpractice incident can cause catastrophic pain and suffering. We can investigate your personal injury case, gather evidence, and consult with forensic experts to determine liability and maximize your chances of obtaining rightful compensation.
  • Labor and employment law — We represent employees in many labor and employment law matters, including discrimination, sexual harassment, and wage violation cases.
  • Civil rights — Believing strongly that no one is above the law, we are committed to safeguarding the constitutional rights of all U.S. citizens.

When another person or party causes you injury or violates your rights, our firm is ready to be your voice.

Contact a diligent Washington, D.C. attorney today

The Law Offices of Leonard B. Ference persists against even the most challenging personal injury, civil rights, and labor law opponents. Call (202) 467-2783 or contact our firm online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Washington, D.C. office.



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